Flower Soil

Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions.
They thrive because someone expended effort on them.


How Dirt Makes You Happy


Planting can stimulate the production of serotonin, which can help promote relaxation and increase feelings of happiness.

And the actual physical act of gardening is a stress reducer and mood lifter.

Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.


SIN ZHANG CHING provides all the essential nutrients for your vegetables, the organic nature of the product brings peace of mind to all health-conscious consumers.

Earth-friendly potting soil on the market today, at a reasonable price. If you are eco-friendly, then this is definitely worth keeping in mind.

Making the Right Choice

Choosing the right potting soil with all the right features for container gardening, can mean the difference between a plant which is just struggling to survive, and one which is thriving.
Following are the major features once more.

Black Soil

Black soil could be mixed in with other soil-less materials, or it could entirely make up the potting soil.
Is often nutrient rich because it has decaying organic matter and minerals, which offer steady nutrition to plants.
Only suitable for lush plants and no need to add fertilizer for at least 6 months.
But they also have their pros and cons.



Mixed Soil

A good potting mix includes tree bark or any other compostable organic matter.
The particles are usually larger in size than soil particles to offer the potting mix with better aeration.
These particles are also lighter in weight, making it easier for roots to find their way.
You can also get a cactus and an orchid mix, which both offer features to mimic either the cactus’s or the orchid’s natural environments.

Potting mixes can be custom mixed for particular plants or plants in particular stages of growth, such as a seed starting, mix for seed starting.
Suitable for all indoor and outdoor plants.


Coco Peat Mixed Soil

3 in 1 Coco Peat Mixed Soil is made with organic ingredients! 100% natural, supports plant growth and helps remineralize your garden for healthy fruits, flowers and vegetables.
Is a fantastic sowing medium, it is used to sow the seeds of vegetables and seasonal flowers in seeding trays. 
Is a perfect rooting medium, stem cuttings are inserted in coco peat for root induction, an essential ingredient of various potting media.
Potting mixture with added coco peat is suitable for indoor plants, cactus and succulents, dish gardens, terrariums and hanging baskets.It has pH of 5.2 to 6.8 which is neutral to slightly acidic, this makes it great to be mixed with alkaline garden soil.It has great oxygenation properties which are important for healthy root development.
Contains a unique cell structure that helps regulate moisture and air around plant roots creating an ideal growing environment, which got designed specifically for container gardening.