Phytosanitary Compliance

Due to the International Plant Protection Convention, most pallets shipped across National borders must be made of materials that are incapable of being a carrier of invasive species of insects and plant diseases. The standards for these pallets are specified in ISPM-15 (International Standards for PhytoSanitary measures NO.15)
Treated wood pallets must be stamped on two opposite sides indicating either HEAT TREATMENT or CHEMICAL FUMIGATION.

Heat Treatment

HEAT TREATMENT is a form of pest control for wood pallets, produced in the United State, and is requirement if you are exporting products outside of the country.
The wood must be heated to achieve a minimum core temperature of 56°c (132.8 F)  and up to a certain degree to eliminate any bacteria in the wood.
Once this is complete, the wood is marked with a special stamp that shows the treatment was completed in compliance with internationally required standards.
Heat Treatment is a much cleaner option than Chemical Fumigation and is favored by most pallet manufacturers.

***Please be noted that wooden pallet that heat treated is insect free, it kill all the insect attached and eggs that they had planted !

Chemical Fumigation

CHEMICAL FUMIGATION is the process of stacking pallets in a sealed chamber, then sprayed with disinfection chemical to kill of any bacteria from the wood.
This service is available upon request by customer in one/two week in advance as the chemical shall need approval from Jabatan Pertanian Malaysia, 
Fumigation proceed shall be completed at least 24 hours.

***Please be noted that fumigation does not kill the insect on egg form. Probability of the egg hatch during the pallet !